Queen of Resilience

Astrid Scholz can’t help but look magisterial. Wearing jeans, a simple sweater and a scarf, she is seated on a lounge at Glyph Café in Northwest Portland. It’s one of those chairs that articulate and bounce with the sitter’s every movement, but Scholz still manages a commanding presence. The coffee shop, just a few blocks south of her old digs at Ecotrust, serves as a temporary landing pad while she starts her new chapter as CEO of the Resilience Exchange.

The Exchange, a B Corp that launches this month, is a software as service platform that aims to curate the best social- change solutions from around the world and distribute them for — gasp — a price. “It’s my midlife crisis,” Scholz says with a wink. “Other people get a red sports car. I’m a middle-age, female nonprofit executive turned tech entrepreneur instead.”
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